Adventure in the Snow on Carrauntoohil

Richard and I took a welcomed opportunity to get some new pictures of Carrauntoohil for our website in the early part of January.

It was my first time up in snow/winter conditions and it certainly did not disappoint.  We decided to take the Ladder route as other routes were too impacted by the snow and were not really accessible or safe, Richard had monitored the forecasts a number of days before hand so we were good to go nice and early on a Thursday morning in January.  A little rain but that really did not affect us as it was really only on the walk in to the base of the mountain.    We departed from Cronin’s Yard about 9am.  Great starting point and don’t forget your €2 for the Car Park.  Crampons, ice axes and lots of waterproofs we were all set for whatever conditions were there.   It was a quite enough day on the Mountain we really only met very experienced walkers and even a few of the Kerry Mountain Rescue Team who were on a day off!!  We met plenty people hard at work making walk ways safer for the Mountain users, they are doing a fantastic job and you can support this in many ways.” become a friend of the Reeks”.

The ladder I found was ok, lots of snow not much Ice which made it easier.  Looking back down on the Lakes and the Valley at this point was amazing as it was still so green, looking up however was white, so  white you could hardly keep your eyes open but never packed the sun glasses…so lesson learned there.

Lunch was provided by Richard my hubby and best guide ever (Hot Chocolate, Sandwich and Cadburys Cream Egg), and this was consumed or more like devoured at the top of the Ladder in the comfort of our pull over tent, and I am glad we had it as in came the snow showers for the rest of the day. (now I have to point out if you book Morrison Tours guiding services you may not get the Cream Egg unless you specify!).  It was hard to see anything really with the Snow showers even the Cross at the top and it was a pity because from the bottom it looked so clear earlier.   We really did not hang around on top and headed back down before it got too hard to see.  As we eased back down the Ladder it cleared and it was a straight walk pretty much all the way back to Cronin’s Yard.  We still got some great shots of the Mountain and surrounds.

Remember folks if you are going to climb Carrauntoohil its best to do it in “normal” weather unless you are experienced have the right gear and know your routes.   There are plenty other smaller mountains to enjoy in Mid Kerry and Kerry.  And remember don’t let the rain put you off, Kerry isn’t a Sun destination it’s an all-weather Fun destination.  Enjoy walking and adventure in 2016.