Get your Kerry Experience

Walking-hiking-cycling-climbing-canoeing-kayaking-food-airport-train our Kerry has it all.

You really do not need to go very far when you reach Mid Kerry to get to all these exciting activities and amenities.  The Wild Atlantic Way continues to shine and grow in South Kerry, tourists are now becoming more familiar with the signs and more tourism businesses are joining in on the ever growing route.  Tourists from my experience in 2015 want the raw Kerry, the small roads, the unusual places, the routes the big busses do not take or can’t take, and they want the real “experience”.

The Experience

My last tour of the season was early December with two lovely French ladies, their husbands were out hunting locally here in Killorglin famous for our Puck Fair ( and they wanted to have a day out in the Dingle area and see the sights.  The wind and rain was pretty bad until we got to Dingle but they didn’t mind they totally enjoyed watching the Wild Atlantic at its best, (I will add in the interest of safety all pictures were taken in the Car with the window down).  Once we got to Dingle we had Lunch in Murphy’s Pub, delicious food in a very Irish pub with atmosphere, even on a Monday.  On then to Murphy’s Ice Cream for some very yummy Ice Cream (in the rain).  We then stopped at the local post office to post their cards to family at home, they found this experience amazing as it was a small office and they had que for ages.  Back in the car and on to Slea Head, amazing scenes on display from the Wild Atlantic, super, but from a distance.  We continued around the loop and back to Dingle, as it was still light I ventured up to Conor Pass, they were amazed by the tiny roads and were glad to be in the back of my car and not driving themselves.  The best way to travel our Kerry roads.  The fog was fairly heavy at the top but they had views all the way down in to Camp and across back into Inch.  It really is great to see tourists just getting on with it despite the weather, I think all us people that work in tourism worry that our tourists won’t have a good time because of the weather but it really doesn’t matter to them as long as they get that real experience.  As I have said in previous posts it’s Fun and not Sun they want.

So even if you’re a local and off with the Kids and grandparents for a few days get out and enjoy our beautiful Kerry, look and see what you haven’t seen or noticed before.  Go on an adventure in your local forest or on a windy walk on the beach.  Dust off the bikes or rent them.. get out and explore your Kerry with your family and friends.